The most beautiful place is on sale. It costs too much for regular citizens. It’s my partners second childhood home. A beautiful place by a lake. Costs 7 million. But if I had money, I would buy it. The neighbour is my partners uncle… but I couldn’t afford it 15 years go, now it’s even more expensive. I always wanted to buy it. But my partner didn’t think the house was in good condition. My partner was wrong. Everything was in perfect mint condition when they took away the floor and everything. Everything was dry and nice. They knew how to build houses in 18th/19th Century. My partner is part orphan, so it was the grandparents that lived in that house and my partner lived with them during the weekdays. On weekends my partner lived with one of the parents that is still alive. Their house is for sale… and I am too poor to afford it… just my luck.

There is a really nice house with a view over water in a place where my partner almost lived from around 10 years of age. It is a old house with a view over water. That house we would be able to buy, but it is on the wrong side of town for my partner to commute to Stockholm, however on the right side to work in either of the neighbouring two cities. I have lived in both. Trains do go from the neighbouring village to Stockholm, but the days would be long. However that house is in our limit. But we would have to sell the current, for the down payment on that house.

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