Overpaid? Or?

I don’t know what my summer job employer is doing. The summer job I never had, but got paid for… I expected 1,5 months salary, but it feels like they gave me more than that. I am expecting them to want it back. I called them and said I believe they paid me until the end of the summer job… they thanked me for noticing. I put the money in an account. So I can pay ’em back. Wondering when they will want the money back… or the salary was correct? Hmm. I have no idea. I never got a specifcation, so actually don’t know. These people have jobs… the unorganised with chaos. It is rather interesting, me always having to do everybody elses job. I am much better boss than many. But I have never been anyones boss, if teacher doesn’t count. I have never held staff responsibility, you know, having to care for staff. I have managed staff, but it is not the same thing. I was more a manager of a project and not the staff itself. But I am way much better at control than the HR department in my ex summer job staff seems to be. Now I got 16 000 in my account, that isn’t mine… very strange. Annoys me. Bugs me. My problem, their misstake. I really didn’t expect any money, it already felt like I got 1,5 months salary… but I really don’t know if I did… I haven’t really tried to figure out how much I would get paid. It just felt to much payment for a 1,5 month summer job… logic tells me it isn’t right.

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