Oh… my new work place is totally IT-fied

Oh, I did some Googling… wondering why I didn’t do that before? Because it’s my old school. That is why. Shit they are totally IT-fied. I did know you could study IT, media and art in my school… but then I didn’t think much more about that. They asked me if I could make instructions online and I said I already do that. Well. They seem to be in social media. There I see the staff dancing… ehm. Won’t do that. I also see students programming… ehm… even though I am educated in that I won’t teach that. I wouldn’t be able to. They did ask about it on the interview. I said I have thaught in that at the university once, but it was in the 20th Century. They said, isn’t it like riding a bike? Haha. No. I have forgotten everything, I said. I won’t be doing that. Well. The kids are probably future crackers, hackers, inventors, programmers, designers and all other things you can think of. They can do it all, if they just want to after their education. Well. I am however still on my on-the-job-training. I am watching skilled teacher’s teach. I don’t participate. I just watch. That is my purpose this time. Watch, not teach. It is interesting, then you see things you don’t see otherwise. I learn quite a few new things that way, things I really haven’t learned on my other practise periods, since there I also tutored and taught. When observing you see how others do. I used to do this kind of work once. Or at least I was the manager of the team that did those things. But my neuro scientist and cognitive scientist did all the things on their own. I just coordinated the team and asked them to plan. I made budget and did all those things. I handled the customer on site issues and I was the users interface towards development. We can say I was the source everybody wanting user interaction called. I was the interface. Everybody in the company just needed to contact me, tell me what they wanted and I was the doer. Handling all contacts. I handled everything in between. We could call it being a spider in the net, supervising all the little spiders out there and the customers could be new places the web needs to cover. Anyways…  I like observing, but then you also need to step back and not interact, because when you do… you miss things. You learn a lot by observation.

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