I only believe in my Google maps statistics and Twitter statistics. All other statistics are fake, unreal, upside down and manipulated. I had 120 000 views on my Twitter tweets in April. I have had 64 400 views on my Twitter tweets the past 28 days. I have had over 50 000 views on Google maps images. Those statistics I believe. But having 459 followers on my blog and then getting like 12 views? Sometimes 0 views? But still likes and new followers that day? I don’t believe the statistics module connected to WordPress. Something is seriously wrong with it. Also the “search field” has words in it that don’t even exist on my blog, nor make my blog turn up on search engines, so how come those “search words” are said to have been used? They haven’t. Someone controls what is being written. Who ever it is I wish them dead. I want my statistics for my blog to be real and not faked by some maniac. Who ever it is. I have tweeted WordPress about it, but they don’t care.

Instagram censors tags. I have a lot of visitors on my Instagram too. Many likes, but I would have more if they didn’t censor my tags. I cannot write all tags relevant for my images on my Instagram. Legal, normal, decent words. A word like “artwork” is censored. Instagram blocks me from inserting them. I have reported several words that cannot be tagged on certain image posts. I find that very strange. I don’t know how so many bugs can be out there? Instagram is then surely a bad quality program, if those are bugs. If someone working at Instagram(Facebook) does it in real time, then they have insane people working there. I have Tweeted Instagram several times. I have also reported the bugs. But I wonder… are they really bugs or are they playing mind games on the users? We already know that Facebook and Instagram have no research ethics from what’s been reported in the press.

None of this is in my imagination. I worked a decade in IT as a tester and test leader. I know someone does this to me. I have tested access from other countries by the help of friends. My friends visits never turn up, not even days or weeks later. So my visitors don’t show up in my statistics. The question is who and why? I hate the person/persons and I wish them dead. I don’t want people to hinder freedom of speech. I also have rights to express myself and what I think. I have the rights to my statistics being real and accurate and not controlled by others. So yes, I wish the manipulators dead. I want my statistics to be real, not faked. I wish you who manipulates my statistics dead, gone poff. My will is that those that manipulate and fake my statistics vanish from the face of the Earth forever.