Plan created

Yesterday I completed a plan for my temp during my practise period. I finally completed the first question on my home exam today. I completed all the other questions much faster than the first. I think the first question was complicated. It isn’t so easy. The books are not written like analogis, like I would want them to be. It is difficult when you have to read the complete text’s and take notes, to see the pattern later on. It isn’t that easy. I had a hard time with the first question. I had to read and analyse. But the other questions I found easier, however, difficult in the way that I only could use my books and notes from lectures. We where not allowed to use other references. I have a good book that I could have used, that is easier and more like a lexicon-mindset. Well. I handed in the home exam after a troubling week. I found the exam slow for me. It took time. I couldn’t be fast, as I usually am. Perhaps it is the subject itself. It was interesting and I learned quite a new things, even though I have read a little in the subject before. But now I know even more. Better knowledge, I guess.

So I have planned all autumn for the seniors. Just the juniors and those in between to think about. I have to make the autumn plan a little easier for the juniors. Then those in the middle should have something in between. My students don’t get any home exams, nor class room exams. They get to do real project work, as if they did real work. I can grade that too. I will do a structure for a project plan, but the kids have to plan the content in it. Hmm. Hoping the students like that.

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