11th of September

That day changed my life. It resulted in the IT crises. I lost my dream job. I never found it again. No jobs have been dream jobs after that. This year I finally move back to where I once lived, before the IT crises. The 11th of September I start my new job. Is this a finalization of that bad period after the IT crash? Is it? Al Qaida forced me to move to Stockholm. I never wanted to live there, but the IT crises made me move. There it got even worse, working with that technology. Technology that is used to identify you fucking terrorists. Now I have all the worlds karma. Well. Now I get to finalize it all. The IT era as it was has been over, I have rebooted. Emptied the old career a long time ago. Got a new career in something else. Well. Strange that the same date… is the common ground. My new life. My new job. My new occupation. My old memories. My old neighbourhood. My old town. New friends. New students. New colleagues. That date. Very strange. My partner has already started thinking the option of living in our hometown. Imagine that. Reluctant, but understanding… after all. I’m going back to my good old school, where the good teacher’s once worked. They made me survive. They gave me the courage to fight back. They are retired now… I can’t help to think the divine has something to do with this. Hoping this is the end of my suffering in Stockholm. I almost got stuck in a school… where many future recruits to ISIS might be… glad I got out of that one… also hoping I’m wrong about that too. That it is just fear and prejudice. Prove me wrong, I want nothing more than to be wrong about the ISIS recruits.

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