Slow motion

That pretty much sums my week. But you know, I fix everything I set out to do. But the universities are sooooooo sloooooow. I cannot do anything about the admission process. It takes time. I don’t like waiting. I could be eager and take the accepted apartment, but I think it is a little to expensive. I want one closer to work. There are student apartments close to work. One of those would be great… just need to study 50% at my old university. Hmm… sad my old education is frozen since some years ago. If it wouldn’t, I could have called them and asked to read one of their new classes. I’ve done that before. Haha. I know. I can do many things if I wanna. I just need admission now to two classes I want. But they are so slow. I am already 100% student, but not at the “right” university. The three other colleges and universities don’t do in my hometown.

Well. I’ve been working on my home exam. That is a slow motion thing. I am “stuck” on the first question. It is long. I need to read and write… when I have done that I need to shorten it down. Then I can look at the other three questions. I have a exam on Friday, I won’t attend it. I have no energy left. I’ve been trying to hard on everything else. My kid started school… had to attend that. I have then fixed with apartments, jobs, studies and so many things on my mind. I’ve been occupied. But then I also fix everything. But I’m like very tired now. Then doing this question forever… well. I haven’t completed the question today either, still have one and a half epoque to map. Then I can shorten it down. Now I don’t need to do all the other things at least. I feel stuck in history right now… haha. Funny expression. Well. Then I have to look at the other questions. That means I won’t have time to study for any other exam, the one I lack from my real exam. I am doing it in October. Sometimes we have to realise we have to things later. I have one year to complete it. It bugs me. Well. I don’t like reexams. Never have. And class rooms exams… well, not my thing.

I have planned the autumn for my students. Now I have to plan my substitute teacher’s classes for my practise period weeks. I will do that. My done plan is for the complete autumn. But a substitute teacher might find it to difficult to set in motion, so I will let the kids practise techniques instead, as suggested by the principal. So I will do weekly plans. I’ll do it after my exams.

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