How do I get Swedish citizenship?

It is at least a five year long process, unless you are married to a Swede, then it is much shorter period. On Migrationsverket there is a questionnaire and it demands you lived at least 5-8 years in Sweden in order for you to qualify. You also need permit to be in Sweden legally. I cover some of the questions down below.

The questionnaire is in Swedish on the site, you find the link down below(there is no English version of it on the site). But ”Hur gammal är du?” that is your age. ”Över 21år” means that you are above 21 years old. Then you fill in ”Vad har du för medborgarskap idag?”, that means what citizenship you have today. Then it asks if you have permanent permit PUT to stay in Sweden. Answer if you do or not. Ja means yes. Nej means no. If no, then you get a new question asking if you have permit to be in Sweden? Then reply yes, otherwise you cannot get citizenship.The questionnaire requires you lived in Sweden at least 5-8 years, otherwise you are not qualified. Do you have a valid passport or national identity card from your home country?(Har du ett pass eller nationellt ID-kort från ditt hemland som visar vem du är?) Answer truthfully. ”Har du någon annan typ av ID-handling som visar vem du är?”, they now ask if you have another form of ID that proves who you are? Answer truthfully. ”Har du dömts för böter, fängelse eller annat straff?” They now wonder if you have been fined, jailed or punished somehow? Answer truthfully. The question needs a answer to continue. If you have answer truthfully. You get additional questions there, but I don’t translate them. ”Har du (eller har du haft) skulder som gått vidare till Kronofogden?” Have you or have you ever had debt that went to the IRS for collection? Answer truthfully. If you have debt at the IRS for collection then you get another question if it was more than two years ago that you paid it. It needs a yes, then it’s okay. If you did crimes, then you must have done your deed, but that is a little bit more complicated, they ask additional questions and I don’t feel like translating them.

Well that is about it. It is possible to get citizenship if you lived in Sweden legally for more than five years. Shorter ways are marriage and adoption. You can be adopted as well.


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