Home exam

So I have no energy left from setting up the class room. My colleagues in the new school where all nice. I actually liked how we set up the class room. Since I have cancelled my assignment in the Stockholm school I said they don’t need to pay me any salary. So now I will work for my new employer. Sometimes you have to do things, to find out if the feeling of home is the same in thought as in reality. I need to know. That is why I am going to live there for a year. A project assignment. Sometimes you need to do the things you thought about for far to long. Realise them and do them. I thought about this for more than a decade. I need to try. Stockholm is always here. Since it is a project assignment I am not buying a house over there, just rent a small apartment. Better that way. I will then go by train home every weekend. I will bring a chair, a bed, my sofa chairs, so I have some sitting space. But first I will stay at my sibling. Only need to bring myself and some clothes and the computer. They already have everything, even sauna. Hehe. And their own dojo. That my friend. Perhaps I will do some exercises and trim myself. I will have time to do that over there. I am thinking… My partner was worried and wanted a talk. Wondering what to do when it has to travel. I told it the kid can enter a school of the same type in my hometown if necessary. No problems. There is a lot of childcare in my hometown. My partner asked what it could do if it was a weekday. I said… there are trains if that is necessary. I can take the train home after work if it is necessary. I mean… my partner’s former boss commutes from my hometown to Stockholm area every day. So yes it is possible to commute, but no, I cannot go up 5:00 every morning. I am to tired for that. My partner wants me to commute, but I said no. I will live there. I am home on the weekends, even though I really don’t wanna be in Stockholm, but for this year it will have to be so. My partner asked what happens then. I said my partner has to find a job down there if I like it there and get a permanent job. But that is not a decision that I need to make today.

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