Then I went to the interview in my hometown. I made a good impression. I think I have good chances of getting a job offer. They had renovated my old school. My old teacher’s are all retired. They have noone of them left. They have gotten to the pension age recently. Well. The schedule looked really great. The job looks great. The interview was perfect. The salary will be lower than a fulltime position in Stockholm. So we will have to see what comes out of this interview.

I would go without any problems if my partner said yes. My partner knows I do what I want, but I really wish my partner would say yes to moving back. Commuting… I don’t wanna go to Stockholm. I wanna live there. In calmness. Free from the Stockholm stress. My hometown is really beautiful. I really want to live there. This job seems great, I like the bosses and one of the references said it was a professional phone call. It was a professional interview also.

We will have to see what happens. What will I chose? I don’t wanna be stuck in Stockholm. I feel stuck here. I have a brick, my partner. What is my partner doing? Holding me back from my hometown. Fuck.

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