I already wrote articles about peace when I was in elementary school. This is not a adult phenomena. Just wanted to say it out load.

Well. I have gotten the job in my hometown. But since I had no references, obviously, they could only offer a job until Christmas. I said no. The other job is for a year. I want a full year. I need to finance my studies. They come first. The job comes second. I just need the money to survive.I can say no as long as I have options. But moving to my hometown for a couple of months? No. Cannot even rent an apartment for that period.

I have an interview at my dream job. I knew I would get one. So now I just have to see if it feels great to be there. Most people are new. The location is good, it is close to where I lived both as an adult and a child. I am a little bit nervous. I have now fixed 2 references that I trust. So I don’t have to give my sibling as reference, but I will give all three of them. I am glad I have them. I worked with all three of them at some point. They know me. I hope this is the job I feel I can return home for. To my hometown. I wanna try my hometown for a year. Feel how it feels. I need to do this. I have been thinking about it for so long.

Well. We’ll have to see what happens.

I have lectures and a excursion this week. Interesting. I also have home exam this week. Hmm…. so I guess I will have to attend that. Then I have a reexam, but I am trying to not do it now in August, since I haven’t studied. I really don’t like class room exams. They give me anxiety.

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