Did I just do that?

I was in the store. A man was buying styrofoam in front of me. It bought just one piece that is why I asked if it was going to do artwork. It said it was going to carve out the devil in it. It said it liked fantasy. I asked him if he liked the devil. He said he liked fantasy. He asked if I was interested in religion. I said, I am already knowledgable about the art in different religions and the art interests me. I said I have done styrofoam at my education and told him to have good ventilation, if he uses a warm thread. But he carves it with carving tools. Then no worries. But what stroke me about this… was that he asked me outside… if I was interested in joining a mosque. Damn. Told him I already know a mosque, if I want one that is. Hmmm. Either he was a missionary… or a recruiter. To something. Better left words unspoken.

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