Fake news about a male tourist on Hvar?

How is it possible? It must be Aftonbladet or someone else making fun of my blog. I had a blog post with the word split in the header, recently. Now a tourist ended up at the hospital Split in Croatia. Then I recently had a blog post with header “Drunk tourists[..]” and the later blog post contained the word Hvar for a Croatian island where it all happened according to Aftonbladet. Now there was news on a male tourist being hit in the head at Hvar by a stranger. Yesterday I posted a song with the word stranger in the music video… Odds of that? Someone either created news based on my blog posts just to make fun of me… or this is reality. The universe itself. What do you think??? Isn’t it very strange? All blog posts are published just recently and you find them in the blog flow.



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