I’ve used Koran online everytime. So I bought my own pocket version of the Koran instead. So now it may be here at home too. When I was young, my former steph father bought “Satanic verses”. I will read some of the verses. See if there is something bad in them. I happen to think the Bible has many terrible stories with human cruelty. I just opened the book up and pointed. I ended up on a verse no 137. It said: “Detta är ingenting annat än dikt av den gamle,” (This is nothing more than a poem by the old one”. Interesting. What does the Koran want to say to me? That the Koran is just poems by the old one…? Hmm. I don’t read the Koran as you do, neither do I read the Bible as you do. I read them as book of clues and messages bound in time and space. If I had my own church it would be “The church of clues”. Would you join?

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