So why place that ad highest up in the list? In my hometown a old class mate is the boss, from elementary school. My siblings friend works for them. I applied, but got no interview, a couple of years ago. Now when I went in to that company had my former occupation listed on top of the list. I don’t want to work in my old occupation and if a company already ignored me for the same position once, then I don’t think they diserve anymore application. Just saying. I decided to not waste my time on them. I don’t want to be a consultant in that line of work either. Fuck it. It mocks me, coming up the highest on the list. I don’t have to apply for any work, since I already have a employment starting… but that trial employment will end sooner than you think… I have never gotten a job from a trial employment, so I don’t expect to be there for long. The employer has also been criticed all over Internet… so with that I guess I might not fit in, after all, no matter how nice they where. They did a perfect interview by the way, which the other one the other week did not. That had failed in many departments of my list of questions employers should not ask.

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