Film – Split

Have been watching film. Split. Arrival. Space between us. A cure for wellness. Here Alone. Pretty much sums some movies I watched lately. I have also been twice at the movies. I made a review of Ape-calypse, but not the Mumy, it wasn’t good enough… would had been a bad grade, no use in giving that… On top of this I have also watched some older movies(a couple of years old). But TV? No, no TV really. Just movies. I really liked the movie Split. It is boring in the beginning, but then it sets off. It’s horror or thriller. Haven’t decided with genre I want to place it in. I think it was a good movie and I think the lead character is played pretty good. The film reveals step by step. Not a expected ending. Perhaps I will write another review. But if any of the above? Haven’t decided yet.

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