There is no fun in cleaning today

I sweet for nothing. I’m allergic as one can be. There is dirt and dust everywhere… and I have no lust what so ever. I hate all junk that needs to go to the recycling area. My waste. There is always waste, from garden work… and it needs to be this boring thing. U know….

My vacuum cleaner broke. Good thing I saved the hose from the old one… strange… good to be like poor… and keep parts 2 stuff. Then suddenly you can use the old part. I threw the old vacuum cleaner away, but kept the hose and all those parts, I afterall bought the same label. So when it broke, I could use the old parts. Good thing. But it means you carry a lot of waste at home… it’s hard if you live to small and don’t know where you put stuff. I know. But my family are experts in not doing what they are supposed to do… which nerves me and makes me disappointed. Because if you cannot find the stuff, what’s the use of keeping it, when you end up buying new ones anyway? So I’m glad my partner couldn’t mess this up. My partner is the unorganised one… I have two “bugs” at home, they are the partner and the kid…


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