Day after the alarm

Well, the alarm, the WMA-alarm, that went off in Stockholm yesterday triggered memories and critic in the Swedish society. How ill prepared people are. How people don’t know it’s called WMA-alarm, Hesa Fredrik and what the routine is when the alarm goes off. Not even the routine worked in Stockholm. If you set off the alarm as a test, there is supposed to be a alarm that says “everything is fine” afterwards. Well, they didn’t send the second msg either. The 10th Expressens article informs us that they tried to send the second msg, but it failed to make sound… interesting. Summer workers? On the news they write that the alarm was an accident and that they don’t know why the alarm was set off. There is also an article in Expressen where a person writes their experiences from Bosnia as a child and how the alarm triggered all those memories. Authorities state in Expressen that many things went wrong. It surely shows us how ill prepared the Swedish society really is. I knew what to do. I knew to put the radio on. My cable to the radio was not found… hahaha. I knew I shouldn’t trust Internet, but that was what I had. My routine was to close the ventilation to the house and all windows. That is what I did when the alarm went off. Then we where going to listen to the radio. My radio… hahaha. I have no cable for it, I realised, even though it stands there. Not even batteries. Perhaps we should invest in batteries? I have a radio somewhere… but I don’t know where it is. I would have had to go to the car… if it had been a real emergency, if Internet had not worked. Internet worked. I asked my partner: “are we supposed to go to the bomb shelter if it’s real?” We have a bomb shelter for our houses in the community. I know exactly where it is. It is only for our houses. Edward Blom had also asked about it during the alarm. But the MSB and police sites where down. I didn’t know “” was the site we where supposed to look for information. It wasn’t possible to call +11414 to the police to inform them the alarm went off and ask them why, if they knew. There was nothing in media about the alarm either. I sent a tweet to MSB and police asking why there was no msg on radio about the alarm. A couple of minutes later a message came on the radio. It was all a technical error. They don’t know what happened. Hmm… yeah. Right. Feels like they know what they are doing… Well. The fun thing in all this… is that I had images and text on my other blogs the same week… that are a msg as if they predicted the alarm. Either we have a supercracker… or my text turns into reality. I don’t even intend to predict. Either someone out there is a little bit insane or just has a very strange sense of humor, or the world is very weird.


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