Hilarious. The WMA-alarm went in Stockholm 22.00. The alarm is named Hesa Fredrik. And it was a alarm. Haha. On my other blog I have info about them both. Who the fuck are you? Doing all those things? The universe is crazy, if you ask me… I wrote this would happen? But I don’t understand… I must be stalked by a supercracker…that reads my blogs… oh mine…Some Google or Facebook idiots? The world is even weirder now. Or perhaps I am so connected to the universe? They are stalking me. Can they not take critic or what? I hope they disappear. Very strange.

Hesa Fredrik is a alarm that sounds in case of emergency, i.e. poison or war. They made a test and something went wrong, since the alarm went out to Stockholm area.

I sent a message on Twitter to both MSB and the Police because there was no message on radio. http://www.polisen.se and http://www.msb.se went down. The police number didn’t work either. Bad preparation for information to the population. They sent a radio message only after I had sent them msg on Twitter that the alarm had went off and there was no information available.





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