1. Chapter. Sunshine in her eyes.

Fiction by Living Forum.

She sat down at the ocean. Felt the rock under her, watching the waves coming on to shore, just to cruse before hitting the rocks. She sat there, felt the breeze of wind in her hair. Felt the sunshine in her eyes, behind the fossile fuel based sunglasses. Nobody in the world knows what she is or why she is. Does she even know herself? But she is not human 1.0 anymore… perhaps not even human 2.0, she is beyond and above any human alive on Earth. Nobody really understands. But if you look into her eyes, you just know. In her eyes you see it all, the feeling of really looking into her eyes is so intense it hits you like a love beam. You will just feel the strong impulse. Either you take it, or you have to look away. Only the ones that really look see it. The others are blind. They don’t understand what is sitting right next to them. Anonymous she wonders through life. Now her place is just here and now, by the rock, by the ocean. Thinking of that someone that made a big sacrifice for humanity. Thinking about how to contact. How to help. Should she just sit there? Why doesn’t the person say it wants help? Maybe it doesn’t anymore? She cannot go to foreign land without a clear text telling her where to be. So she thinks about that person. She knows she could help, but to do that she needs to talk to the person, or at least a contact. A real person. A real contact. Someone real. She might seem insignficant to the world. She might even be rejected by the country she lives in. But God gifted here with gifts not many others have… she can use them. She knows how. The gift of making her will come true. Why doesn’t the person understand? She can help the person, but she doesn’t know how to proceed. Does the person even want her help? She lets it be. Sitting by the shore, thinking. Watching the next wave hit the rocks, feeling the sunshine, the wonderful sky wonders in mystic shapes. One shape different from the other, unique, just like her.

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