Emergency cracking

So crackers. Emergency function in car. Cars will dial an emergency number when they crash, all automatic. Someone can speak with the person in the car and on the other end an operator can hear everything in the car. Well. Imagine that this is a mobile. A telematics system in fact. Of course it can be hacked. Of course you can listen to conversations going on in the car. Find the GPS-location. So with this said, new models manufactured after 1 of April 2018 will have a emergency function. EU has made it to a law. You won’t be able to buy a car without this surveillance. The thought is to help people that crashed. The thought is good, but in the end you will have no integrity. Manufacturers will know where the car is located. Future generations won’t know what a non connected car is… So, 1984 is very much here, in everything. Enjoy bye, bye privacy. Bye, bye, integrity… So have you crackers online hacked the systems yet? Most likely pretty easy.


Published by: humane living

I am a driver, not just a bystander. I don't want and I don't take passangers. You may read as a reader and let your role be as a reader and commenter. No more than that. My art stays here, with me, don't copy, don't quote, don't reblog, I claim all my copyright rights according to Swedish law according to Upphovsrättslagen, so look and listen for free here on my property only, thanks. You accept the terms if you visit this site. This is my cyberspace and you are the visitor. Have a nice experience. I react, when seeing, through the democratic power of the word. Use none violent actions to change the world.

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