Give the spouse all it needs

Sometimes people are in rocky places. Yesterday a couple I know got married in holy marriage. Today I am giving advice to a couple drifted apart, temporarily separated do to communication issues. Being married is no walk in the park. A marriage is “for better or worse” for a reason, since not all the time will be a walk in the park, happy and so. Sometimes you might hate each other even, other times be grateful, sometimes just think everything is boring, this is just a way to live. So perhaps you even might to separate at a time in the marriage. The longer years, the more issues you might have encountered. You need to learn to give and receive in a marriage. People are unique and listen to the other. Well. I won’t say it is easy. At times I hate my partner. At other times I am grateful. After having good sex, you might be grateful. Haha. Intimacy is really important for some in a marriage, whilst for others not. It is different for each and everyone of us. But most marriages have everyday living. That is making food, cleaning, washing, picking up stuff, going shopping, listening, communicating, appreciating, having intimate moments and so on. Even spice the living up by doing extraordinary things. Writing notes of appreciation to each other, saying those small things that mean something… giving the eye of appreciation… there are many ways to appreciate another. It is not a walk in the park… just a reminder. You need to work it.

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