Kids – that don’t do what parents want them to do

Right now my kid is a menace. The kid has been a rebellion for all of 2017. It has stolen dangerous materials from the bathroom, painted the doll’s hair with nail polish, so the whole house smelled. It has also stolen detergent and done experiments, so the whole room was covered in fucking detergent. Dangerous, since we have pets, they get it in the fur. The kid has no ideas of danger, even though we talked about it. We talk. It still steals. It has been stealing for a few years now. The kid is a notoric thief. In the store we have to watch the kid. This is definitely been a problem ever since we got the kid. I am guessing it always had to share stuff before and then it hid the stuff, so it could have it all alone. The kid doesn’t want to share. It has stolen one of my wigs, so it is shit now. It steals from me. It never asks. That is the problem. And then it ruins things. It has already ruined the wallpaper in two rooms, and the roof in one room. It has also ruined furniture so I had to repaint them. This kid is too  much. I am tired of the kid. We talk, talk, talk. The kid makes empty promises and still redo’s it. Doesn’t keep any promises, it just lies. We take the TV for a week. It still keeps on doing bad stuff. It is unhappy. Unsatisfied. It says it has a boring life. It says it has a boring room. It says we are dumb parents. It is really a menace kid. A menace. When we got the kid it was even more terrible, but right now… I need a break. I need July to be now, I want to send the kid to my sibling or my parents. I need a break from the kid now. It has been a terrible horrific kid for half a year now. I think I need the the kid to go away for a week. I am gonna send it to my sibling for a week. Sometimes it is just terrible to have to parent. Rebellic kids, that don’t listen, have no respect. It is just horrible to parent, when nothing seems to work. It argues, debates. Doesn’t listen. Goes against what we say… I am so tired of this kid, you cannot even understand. I am glad I don’t have more children. I wouldn’t be able to have more kids like this one. I am going to start locking my bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. Put locks on the doors. We need a lockable locker in the bathroom downstairs too, so it cannot steal chemicals and do experiments.

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