Drugs will kill you

Drugs will kill you and make you sick, sooner or later. Just saying.  Stop doing drugs, or die by drugs. Drugs are promoted by many artists and famous people, in fact rich people. Obviously they have issues, since they do drugs. Drugs is not normal, not cool. Drugs are just fake. Drugs are not the real world, the one that you only can experience without drugs in your system. Don’t be fooled by drug addicts, they just want others to do drugs, because they are already hooked. They are dark in their minds. Don’t be lured into drugs. Most drug addictions kill and make you sick. Some have to amputate their limbs and that is a true fact. Wanna be crippled just because of that drug you wanna try? Think again, keep your limbs.


Published by: humane living

I am a driver, not just a bystander. I don't want and I don't take passangers. You may read as a reader and let your role be as a reader and commenter. No more than that. My art stays here, with me, don't copy, don't quote, don't reblog, I claim all my copyright rights according to Swedish law according to Upphovsrättslagen, so look and listen for free here on my property only, thanks. You accept the terms if you visit this site. This is my cyberspace and you are the visitor. Have a nice experience. I react, when seeing, through the democratic power of the word. Use none violent actions to change the world.

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