Job offer

So I will get paid 28 000 SEK to work part-time. Taxes reducted, of course, but not percentage for working part-time, that has already been reducted. I knew some years of poverty would work out. Even though I am not completely finished with my education yet I still got a job. I am also free the weeks I need to be in order to complete my other ongoing education. The new work place is close to home and I will work with something I like. Didn’t take on the luxury area, not even the poorest area. I took on a mix of everything.


Published by: humane living

I am a driver, not just a bystander. I don't want and I don't take passangers. You may read as a reader and let your role be as a reader and commenter. No more than that. My art stays here, with me, don't copy, don't quote, don't reblog, I claim all my copyright rights according to Swedish law according to Upphovsrättslagen, so look and listen for free here on my property only, thanks. You accept the terms if you visit this site. This is my cyberspace and you are the visitor. Have a nice experience. I react, when seeing, through the democratic power of the word. Use none violent actions to change the world.

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