I had one of those strange noises when I slept, those that are so loud and real so they wake me up. It happened at 5:13:30 or 5:14:30 because I could tell if the clock was 13 or 14, that is why I write them both. This time it was a loud “Bang”, like something falling, a shotgun , or a sound smashing to the ground or a bomb-like-sound. I don’t remember what direction it was. But prior to it I dreamt of White milk trucks delivering milk. Norway was also important, but that I don’t understand or know why. Well, do what you can with that to predict a future event. Good luck. Like I’ve said, not to easy for me to understand my predictions. What ever they are for.

My mind processes stuff I’ve seen. I seen “white” on my blog. I’ve seen 513 in number sequence on visitors and likes. Interesting how they create dreams, then later on predictions of events… imagine that.


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