I believe I am one of the better teacher students

So, I cannot compare to my mentor at my on-the-job-training. My mentor is going to retire in June. That school needs a teacher, but I actually don’t think I can take over after my mentor, because those kids would be so disapointed in having a newly graduated teacher. Top 4 decades of experience. Haha. I won’t even apply, since I actually don’t think I’m good enough to take over. Not yet anyway. But I am one of the students of better teacher material, so to speak. So which school needs the best teachers? Those that are the worst schools. Those with kids in riot. So am I up for a challange? We’ll have to see, won’t we. Take on a challange or a safe card with good kids? Or something in between. Actually circumstances make kids riot. The question is if I can even do it. These kids surely need something more than just a teacher. They need a mind fucker. A teacher that can put a spell on the kids, so they wanna be thaught, be there in time. Wanna learn. Yeah. How do I do that? There seems to be a lot of jobs out there. At least for those with exams. My employer asked if I will be authorised soon. I guess I will be. Soon enough, when ever that is.


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