Students records – what a joke

I am fluxating from F to A in my student records. I am just happy with E or G, depending on what system. Got some new grades the other day, got a G and a VG. Then I changed a U to G. Then I got a G on a newly done class. Then after that I got F in another class. Haha. I can understand the last one after reading the comments. I took away all spaces on purpose, just to get it under 7 pages long. Haha. Mistake. My teacher wants me to add spaces all over now. Also I did a unconventional citation round. Fucking removed them all and rewrote them to references without citation, I don’t fucking know what the teacher wanted. Better remove. Redo. Then the teacher complained over 2 chapters. I can understand that, I didn’t put any effort in those two. I redid them. Then there was… hahaha…. my teacher suggested I should use the reading functions in Word. I am thinking my teacher thinks I have some kind of spelling problem and perhaps it thinks I even might have some kind of dyslexia kind of problem. Haha. I didn’t read what I wrote… I didn’t have time. I just sent it in. Haha. Even I think it could be someone with dyslexia that wrote that piece. Well. I didn’t put much effort on reading it then. But I have now read it. Giving it more spaces. Removing my insane APA’s. I made it airy and better spelling and added words and changed the language. Just hoping it’s enough. I so don’t feel like working on it anymore…


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