Psycologist one of the victims in Swedish terror attack

One of the victims, a Belgian tourist visiting friends in Stockholm, was a psycologist, according to Ironically enough the truckattacker needed one. Many people that are mentally distrubed need a psycologist. People from oppressive states might need one, people with traumatic expereiences and there are as many examples as there are people. A psycologist helps a person get better, or at least find methods for coping with obsticles people might encounter and find difficult. A important job.

So a psycologist meets a lot of people in need. A psycologist is often a bridge for people to get better when i.e. feeling mentally unstable. Many of those that experienced the terror attack might need one in fact.

People in war might need a psycologist, but in war they usually cannot have regular days which can include psycologists. But people that flee usually have bad experiences, at least it is common. Then a psycologist in the new place might be helpful in getting on with regular days.

People in oppressive states might also not be used to the freedom or the new rules in a new country. They might need a help with a new mindset in their new places. In those cases a psycoligist can be really helpful. However not many get that help in a new place. I think all countries should offer all newly arrivals to speak with a psycologist when being a refugee. This way you can help people. Many people might not even ask for help, therefor countries should offer the help for all newly arrivals directly in the new place. The states should explain the benefits of talking, people might not even know what a psycologist is, depending on their knowledge and experiences.

Ironically enough she worked with asylum seekers. What does this message say? Perhaps God put these things into the victims, so that we might critic the concept of war and unequality in our world?



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