I have been writing and writing and reading and reading all week. I feel like I have been in a study mecca. Going from class to class, to work, to homework, to errand to home, to sleep, in this spinning wheel of studies and on-the-job-training.

Up and down, tired and on-target. Well. Life is as it is. I haven’t had time to relax. I had time to sleep, but sometimes you push it to hard. At times you are exhausted and feel nausea, until you just surrender to bed and a good sleep, whenever it is needed. Some evenings have gone to pure sleep moments. I sometimes think I wanna rest one hour, suddenly the clock is midnight. You stay up one hour, so you finally can go to sleep again. Don’t wanna turn the clock, not now. There is not time. On-the-job-training is on full speed ahead. I have some days off those, when I go to school and do my thing. I have seminars sometimes, they collide with the on-the-job-training. My teachers is okay with it and I have found a solutions that works for me. Planned all the days. I just need time to sit down, remake them into computerized information. No time to relax, no time to think.

Next week is easter holidays and I am going to have to plan my classes this spring. I have shifted focus and I know what to do. Need to learn a new program, seems easy. I will learn it. Always something new to learn.

I have been to classes this evening. Interesting ones. I learn great new things. I wanna be there, at the same time I want to study for tomorrow and my other two seminars. Oh God, right now I have so much.

I have been so poor. So I am glad that I am getting back some kind of deposit. I didn’t even know I paid one. Haha. Well, that pays for the cars service. That is needed, the car has a light saying it wants service. I must have service on it. My partner needs a check up to renew the license. Then the pets need their yearly check up to. There are so many costs waiting to happen… so I am glad if the taxes come before easter. Then I can do a lot of must do’s that are on my list. There are so many things on my mind. You cannot even comprehend. Do I have  thesis? Oh mine… that one might be screwed for a while. I don’t have time. I have a lot of other things to do before I can do that.


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I am a driver, not just a bystander. I don't want and I don't take passangers. You may read as a reader and let your role be as a reader and commenter. No more than that. My art stays here, with me, don't copy, don't quote, don't reblog, I claim all my copyright rights according to Swedish law according to Upphovsrättslagen, so look and listen for free here on my property only, thanks. You accept the terms if you visit this site. This is my cyberspace and you are the visitor. Have a nice experience. I react, when seeing, through the democratic power of the word. Use none violent actions to change the world.

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