Sweden is a bad country, even 2017

They think they are so awsome, they believe they are most equal country in the world. But if this is considered the most equal country in the world, then the world is so screwed. Unfair unequality is built into every inch of the Swedish system. How people behave is one way to control the Swedish population. We have a lot of norms that hold people back. Not many in the Swedish system have balls. Not many at all. If someone is strangled in public, don’t expect any regular citizen to interfere, no matter how big the audience is. Don’t expect anyone to admit they know any unemployed handing out flyers. Don’t expect the Swedes to take your side, even if you are right, not when you go against power factors or the majority, no matter how wrong they are and how right you are. Don’t expect to get that job you so dearly want, not if you don’t look and act the part. Don’t expect “high seelings” when work ads say they have, there is no room for diversity, not for real. They expect you all to be molded to the “lagomness” of Sweden. That means, don’t share your opinion when it is not the “norm”. Don’t dress in clothes that pop out, you’ll be considered odd. Only a few types are allowed to dress different, mostly they belong to the artistic groups. Some get famous even though they are assholes, but some are from the right families or behave correct in the right places and get a head anyway. Many of those are men. Sweden is unequal in many ways. Yes women may work, but still they do most household duties in majority. Many men must be lazy, I don’t know.
Swedes usually do the work. But some want you to hang around for free after work, not everyone understands you have a family life, even though they might say they do. It will not benefit you to neglect after work. You must need to know how to talk “fika” conversations, if you don’t expect no permanent assignments or to walk that ladder up in hierachy. Oh yes, Sweden has hierachy, even though they might pretend they have “flat” organisations. Some work positions are just more important, you must know the social codes. You can see the value of the work in the wallet. The more pay, the more value. Also the tax system values the more you are paid, even the insurances and the tax reducations you are allowed. If you got enough money you might hire the best and even live above the law. Yepp, had a boss like that once. Terrible, unequal if you ask me. But this is the truth. They hire the best, the best make the police officer into the criminal. Yes, that is how they do it. Be rich enough and good enough and you might be untouchable, as long as you don’t step on the wrong families toes.

Don’t listen to me, I am a nobody. The Swedish system made sure they wanted to silence me. Push me down. They did a good job in pushing me down. But they didn’t take away my will power to fight them til the end of days. They stripped me from my salaries. They stripped me from my confidence. They beat me. They created evil teacher’s that did bad things to me. They did a lot of bad things. More teacher’s hated me in primary school and high school, than they accepted me. I was of wrong origin, I had the wrong name. I was considered to have less value, being a immigrant in their eyes. Sweden is racist. From my class mates they created bad students that froze other’s out. I was never a part of my own class, just on paper. They created work places and universities with people that bullies others. I’ve seen to much to say otherwise. Sweden is a bad country for those that don’t fit a invented invisible fake “norm”, that nobody really complies to, but those that mascerade themselves “look the part”, then they go home and do things outside the norm, if they dare. But only when they believe noone is watching… which you cannot know in this modern technological society of ours.
I stepped on the wrong toes and I will continue to do so. The Swedes are in a fucked up country. Digging themselves deeper into unequality. The Swedish system has among the highest reqruitement of ISIS members based on population count. They also create extremists on the right wing side, racists. Sweden creates them both. What does that say about Sweden? The Swedish system molds them, this is the backside of this system. The unequal system creates hate & discrmination, still they all got food on the table and a roof over their head, yet they hate people enough to wanna kill them. Sweden is unequal and this is the reason for all the bad. If Sweden understood this, they would try to create a fair system, where the rich and powerful have no power or favors.

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