HM verkar gilla penisassociationer på barnkläder

English further down.

HM har som vanligt inte tänkt vid val av mönster på kläder. Den här gången gäller det barnkläder och deras baddräkt på barnavdelningen. Den är full med färgglada tryck och tyvärr ger associationerna av detta mönster associationer till sex, som känns olyckligt på barnplagg, i detta fall en baddräkt för flickor. Den börjar från stlk 134, som är från cirka sex år och uppåt.

Associationerna för bananen, som finns uppåtvänd och nedåtvänd är en erigerad snopp. Inte nog med det så finns en kaktus som också påminner om en erigerad snopp, i detta fall finns den i skrevet på baddräkten. Det kan säkert skilja åt mellan exemplaren.  På engelskan fortsätter temat på att sukta, titta och längta, med ord som “Yeah”. Blomman vid skrevet påminner om engelskans “deflowering”, när någon förlorar sin oskuld. Vidare räcker en emoji ut tungan, som den suktar, slickar eller gör något med bananen, som den är ovanför. Bananen, som har formen av en snopp. Inte nog med det så är en apas hand precis is skrevet på baddräkten.

Jag tycker att baddräkten har ett olyckligt dumt mönster som associerar flickor till sexobjekt på badstranden. Dessa mönster bör föräldrar unvika. Jag tycker HM borde ta bort baddräkten och återvinna den istället. Vi behöver inte fler som utnyttjar småbarn på badplatserna runt om i världen.

Once more HM has done it, not thought before they chose pattern to children’s clothes. This time a swim suite has bananas that have the chape of a cock on girl’s swim wear.

The banana looks like an erected penis, they are in the swim suit’s pattern both upwards and downwards. They also have smiles with tounges hanging out, right next to the banana’s. As if girls like cock’s and also as if the girl itself is eatable, jamie, hungry.


On the crutch there is a cactus and it looks like a penis shape, very unfortunate, right at the females genitalia region. Also a monkey hand is right in the crutch, touching the vagina. Some icons have heart shapes, which also associates to the word “love”. Then there is a print with “Yeah”. So with all these associations on a girl’s swim suite, makes the girl’s sexualised in context, even though they are children. The sizes start at 134 and that size is for a six year old and up. The flower connects the assocations to “deflowering” someone, like making them loose their virginty. Terrible. As a parent you should stay away from swim suite patterns like this. It doesn’t matter that it is colorful and all, HM shouldn’t have penis shaped associations on a swim suite and love making associations on children’s swim suites or clothes. Once more HM has not used their heads. Perhaps they have no competence after all? I am amazed, since I have studied with designers working for HM. However when I have commented the designs, those have said they didn’t do those designs… hmmm…. I hope so, considering what classes they took. Since HM has the competence in the house, perhaps they should pass the patterns through those that have attended those classes?`Right now they don’t seem to use the knowledge available. I am not the only educated one, since I have had a lot of class mates in the classes over the years. The competence is out there, HM just needs to use it. We should not have these associations on swim suites for girls, we don’t need these assocations out there in society. HM should destruct these swimsuites and remake the material to another, better one.


Images are from They have been used in educational purposes on this site, to show the pattern discussed. ( 20170325)


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