Two seminars

I have to read for two seminars. One is not a seminar, it is group work, but we need to read to that, because it is for a seminar we are meeting up. Nobody wants to use Skype… but online storage seems to be okay… fuck. I have to put time and effort on travelling into Stockholm city. It costs money either way I do it. So I do it by giving my car to my partner at my partner’s job. Then I take my partners bus card and I go into the city. That is how I solve the problem. It takes time, but doesn’t cost as much.

I have pain in my arms. This computer desk is not good for me. It is not made for computers. My arms hurt. I am not used to holding them up. I have done to much writing on this computer. Perhaps it is time to start using my shitty laptop.I have a inflammation in my arms, my thumbs hurt. They have been pressing space bar to much… haha. Hilarious industrial country problems. But I am in pain, cannot use my thumbs. It hurts… :O) I read that you need to relax the thumbs… but I have so much to say. So I have hurting ribs, back, arms, thumbs and a stiff leg with a knee that doesn’t know its place. My regular day with pain. Don’t feel sad. I feel just pain. Normal.


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