Gene pool

I am partly Swedish in my bloodline, if my grandmother didn’t have my father with someone else that is. Now when she is senil she has come up with such comments according to my uncle, that my father isn’t my grandfathers… hmmm… since she has dementia I don’t know if I should believe her or not. My uncles all look similar, so I don’t really believe her. My grandfather is Swedish, if her comments doesn’t have any truth to them. That family name, that my grandfather was born with, has been changed by his father. But some other families with the same surname have been granted nobility. I don’t know how many bloodlines there are, but I’m not related to the nobility, they got to put “af” in front of the name. I am allowed to get that name for another eight years, then I am not. If I would want the name, then I must change before those eight years pass. I don’t want the name, so I haven’t done anything about it. My uncle and aunt has that name. But the other day I was watching TV and they talked antiques and a skilled person used to make something and the product had a really high value just because of that. That person had that exact surname, but I don’t think we are related. There is a family, right next to my hometown with the same name that gave a estate to a hospital from someone with the same surname, the hospital is named after that person, my families surname. There is a mountain with the same name. There are family companies with that name in different parts of the world.There are people of different occupations with the name, including pencil artist, one is a designer, one is a banker chief, another a lecturer at a university, others work within some kind of research. Interesting. There is a even a bus stop in Sweden with that name, haha. There is also a small town/village named that name. I wonder how many families carry the name, that are in no way related to each other? My family has only done family tree research in my parents birth country, but not in Sweden. I haven’t. I have to request all the old information from my fathers birth country first. I think I have the information in my papers, but those are not organised. I never thought about them. Don’t know why my grandfathers anchester emigrated, or when. I don’t know how many hundreds of year ago it was. Was it when it all belonged to Sweden? I would like to know, but I don’t have time to do it. I don’t know how either. Or, I know how, but I prioritise other things. On my grandmothers side one parent is unknown, so there it all stops. I am guessing it is a bastard. Haha. Perhaps with a married man? I have no idea. Perhaps everybody knew who it was a couple of hundred years ago, but nobody wrote it down? Cannot have been easy to have a bastard back in those days. I think it was in the 18th Century, or earlier. Or perhaps it was easy? They lived in the bush.Who knows what scandal is behind it? We never know. Perhaps we don’t want to know the ugly truth? My mother’s family is not researched at all, but she comes from fine blood. Who cares about gene pools? My kids gene pool is totally blank, we don’t know anything. But at least we know the country and the city.

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