Jippie! One period over!

It feels great to have completed my on-the-job-training. The school with the amazing kitchen. That chef could really cook. 3 days a week it was veggiefood, real veggie, no eggs or milk. Real good food. Tasteful and absolutely wonderful food. One day a week they had fish and one day meat. Everything ecological. I am also thankful for me being able to use the massage chair three day this week. Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic. Does wonders for my sour back.

Well. I have a home exam to complete this weekend, no rest, I had no rest three weekends in a row now. Tonight it’s family time and we’re watching rentals today. Haven’t watched TV for a while, since the Melody festival seems to have dominated the TV the past weeks. Then Idol. I don’t watch them, just the final in Melody festival.

In April my new on the job-training-period starts. That means I will teach classes for other kids.


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