God my fellow class mates are slow

I am thinking… I was the one that uploaded the task first and one day prior to the seminar. I have also given response to everyone in my group already. They have given none and I wonder how long I have to wait? I have given them a lot of time to read mine and yet they haven’t performed. I have also given a lot of time for them to change theirs now, when they already gotten my response. I loose time the longer time they wait to give response. Shit they are slow. Slow students. They had written a lot. A lot of times it was useless uninteresting shit, if you ask me. They could shorten it down and cut out and change the way they have written it, to make it more interesting and easy to read. Mostly they have started off good, the first 2 pages then they lost it and got long, boring litterature references and forgotten about reality. Boring to read. Boring, boring, boring. My kid writes more interesting sagas with a lot of spelling errors, at least those make me laugh…these academic texts are fucking boring. Boring. I can understand my teacher asking us to not kill him over Christmas with boring reports. Mine was funny and I think I managed to amuze him. Haha. That is how to write. No boring shit.


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