Freaking kids

My kid listens to much to others. My kid believes it is ugly because it doesn’t look the stereotype version of what is expected. It got a comment from a six-year-old in school and it stuck. So now my kid believes it is ugly, even though noone said it was. Our kid is one of those God gave good looks, someone stunning and beautiful. In every way. Still the kid had a long argument with me. Fuck. We need to go to Asia. The kid fucking needs to be surrounded by others that look the same. I have no money. Fuck. Perhaps I have to delay the Africa plan and go to Asia instead. Hmmm…. I’m gonna have a chat with my partner about it. Save to go to Asia instead. Perhaps I have to go there alone, with the kid. For a term. I can work there for a term. Fuck. I don’t know. I have to do something. The kid needs to see its roots and live there for a while. I could either bring my sibling or my mum with me. Someone has to stay in Sweden in each home. Hmmm…


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