Tired day

Good thing my partner is on vacation and I have no kid to care for. I’ve been sleeping all evening. I did get up but then I felt like puking, took a samarin and went back to sleep. Finally woke up, had to eat, sit by the computer to get tired again. Tomorrow I only have one lecture. Then I am free to attend the home exams I need to do. My class mate was kind enough to bring me the two books I am missing. Very kind. I’ll give them back after the weekend. My partner was lazy and forgot the car. Got a parking ticket for that. We cannot really afford extra costs, but still they happen. In Sweden we have days we cannot park outside on some streets. If you don’t keep track on that you easily forget. You should have a alarm on the phone that reminds you about that.

Well. We are attending a course that is interesting now. I still however don’t feel like I wanna work with this educational field when I complete my education. I don’t wanna work in Stockholm at all really. I really don’t like this town. I really don’t wanna work here ever. I just don’t like the stress, the attitudes and being here really. Fuck, my practise period starts in April and I consider that town very Stockholm. I don’t look forward to being there, at the same time I do. The teacher has a interesting background. The school is famous, the community is ranked as one of the top 100 in Sweden (high up), just as the community I had my practise period at during autumn. I have been to the “best” towns with the best schools of Sweden… hmmm. I didn’t know that until I saw the statistics. The top ranking cities really. However not during the spring last year, that one doesn’t reach the top. What does that mean? How come I got the high ranking cities? It must be due to the elité university I attend. It is as if the elité get the elité. I don’t even tell where I am a student when I seek summer jobs… Would it make a difference? Perhaps for the elité that fall for such things? I don’t know. I don’t. Stockholm university isn’t as “cool”, but my other university, where I have two degrees is considered elité too. I will have four degrees at four universities, which of two are considered elité. But I am a failiure as a person anyway, so my education isn’t much to brag about… since I as a person am faulty on delivery anyway. I don’t find any fit anywhere.


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