Graphic drawing pen display

I want a graphic drawing pen display. Not happy about the price of  a graphic drawing pen display though, they go from 2500 SEK and up to fantasy prices at 37000 SEK, perhaps even more, but those are the prices I found on them online. It would also be handy if they already had software included, so it didn’t need to connect to a computer. Adobe elements should be installed and it would be nice if Adobe could have Illustrator Elements as well. I don’t want subscriptions. It’s stupid my license is not valid on many devices, since many have many devices today, not just one. There are a lot of things I wish that are not offered. I think a computer fro graphics should include a graphic drawing pen display, illustrator, photoshop, indesign, light room, bridge, word, excel, ppt, mail etcetera already in purchase. People shouldn’t have to pay a lot monthly to be able to create in a computer. Some do include adobe elements, but it isn’t enough. I know there are freeware, but I think Adobe could allow me to install my license on several devices. If I use their online services I can but, if I don’t want to be online all the time? Well. There are a lot of things to wish for. Not everyone wants to pay monthly for licenses. They ad up to so much money if you want this and that. As poor I cannot add up to monthly fees, I save and pay once, I cannot have monthly costs on a lot of stuff, then I wouldn’t have any money left. The poor cannot have a lot of costs per month. Those things make the poor even poorer. I think people should be able to buy a copy and then have it freely on their own devices at home. Microsoft has 3 free products in their licenses mostly and that is good. More companies should do the same. You also can buy the product with no more buying must’s.

I want a graphic drawing pen display, since I cannot be friends with my drawing board, I don’t like not seeing what I draw driectly under my pen. It is more difficult without instant on paper when you draw, this display compensates that, you see what you draw directly.


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