Wierd encounters

Sometimes I think people are in a mascopy. The world is so wierd at times. But I believe it’s just karma. I wrote something yesterday and today something else that was wierd happened. The world is wierd.
One day there was a theater group at my school. They improvise. They used Babylon, Teskedsgumman, Stefan Löfven and many other things I’ve written about on the blog in their improvisation. It was so wierd. I think they also used part Forum theater, even though they didn’t exactly adress the IT issues in schools directly they did do some form of critic to having mobiles. They did an act on that. It was interesting how they used Forum theater in the improvisation theater form, but yet not Forum theater, they differ. They didn’t take public up on stadge, but they could change course on stories being told by screaming “NO”, then the band on stadge had to change the outcome of the story until noone said no. Anywhere in the story anyone could say NO and they had to change the latest part of the story. Very strange stories if you ask me, but that is a way to be inspired. The band also got “missions” to improvise to a word, or to a form, i.e. Joddel to a melody of some sort. It could be anything. Well, it was interesting to see.
I still have theater every day. The play is taking form and it is interesting to be part of those classes. Totally new experience for me, even though I studied Drama at the university a few classes. I also studied “Fritidsämnen” which does include performance, play, songs and such. So I am not totally in the dark. Acting is also a big part of media subject, so no biggy really. Kids have to make movies and I’ve been part of that here and there during all these years working as temp. Well. I then have art classes all afternoon the days I’m on-the-job-training. I learn new things, since this program has a new focus compared to the other I attend. Today I made film and I will use that during classes I hold. It feels good to have made our own instruction videos, not using other peoples. But mine have no speak. I just filmed and the other teacher did the instructions. I will then do the talking in class, IT is just a tool to make my instructions living, but not dead as TV can be.


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