Are you kidding me?


Enormously funny. Is someone making a joke? Yeah, I call myself Human Life, mostly Human in my logo in the avatar for Gravatar, Life is with small letters. I also have a slogan that I am a driver and not a passanger. Haha. Therefor I find this ad very funny. You can still be a driver, without a car. You can drive a bike. You can drive a buss. You can drive a train, or a subway train… a horse wagon (yeah you can be the horse)… haha.

I just wanted to say, I am single driver. I don’t wanna be your driver. I want you to be your own driver, no fucking passanger. Just so you understand how I think. I am not your fucking driver, I am my own single fucking driver. So no car rides with me. Get off, don’t try to ride my way, ride your own. I drive my own life, not yours. I am a driver and a human. I am the engine of my life. Just saying. I use the word to describe that you don’t run my fucking life. Get off it, don’t try to go on a joyride on my ride. Go on a joyride with your own ride. I want all to be drivers of their own lifes, to understand their impact on the world.

I am in no way recommending anyone to buy such a stupid thing as a car, not ever. Just showing the fucking ad anyway.


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I am a driver, not just a bystander. I don't want and I don't take passangers. You may read as a reader and let your role be as a reader and commenter. No more than that. My art stays here, with me, don't copy, don't quote, don't reblog, I claim all my copyright rights according to Swedish law according to Upphovsrättslagen, so look and listen for free here on my property only, thanks. You accept the terms if you visit this site. This is my cyberspace and you are the visitor. Have a nice experience. I react, when seeing, through the democratic power of the word. Use none violent actions to change the world.

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