The thinner version

Well, today I have a logo with a thinner version of me. Many years ago, add over a decade. But yes, I used to be beautiful. I am actually not skinny. I am 87kg, but I have trained 5 days a week for a year, so I think I can say I was fit, but with overweight. That is about right. Not as much as today though. But there, I think I looked real good. So younger, thinner and more trimmed. I look good then, but I don’t feel like doing all that. Since I didn’t lose any weight even though I trained and ate right during one year I gave up after that picture really. Haha. Well, that wasn’t the best choise I admit. Haha. I also had wonderful long hair, that is all cut off. So this is really a young, thinner, healthier me, in my 30’s. People get older each year, just saying… don’t hold on to something old. I am older, wiser, thicker and have short hair.


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