Written a PM

So I did it, delivered a PM before deadline 23.59. But I have no theory. Don’t know what to put there, but I have chosen a method. This time I chose that before doing anything else. I don’t know what to write in theory.

I need to do a study plan, deadline next week. Shit. I don’t know what subject to chose. I am free to make a study plan for anything I want. It has to be ready until the seminar. I haven’t even thought out a subject. I have no clue what so ever.

I also work 3 days next week at my on-the-job-training.

I need to find 4 children and an art teacher to interview. Hmm. It was difficult the last time to find a class for a survey. Shit I hate this. Perhaps I should make the children do a task at my on-the-job-training instead and analyse the task they do? Hmmm…. I haven’t thought this out.


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