U know what u got, but not what u get

I have a family. I have a partner and I have a kid. I have been in this relationship since my teens. I first met my partner when I was a kid, then when I was a teenager. We know the same people. I rather stay in a long-lasting relationship, than start all over again. Just saying. There is comfort and safety being in a long-lasting relationship. One might be angry at times, might not even be in love anymore, but a relationship to someone is much more than than being in love. It is being a true friend. That can be more important when having a family than other things. Safety first. In more ways than one. I have had this friendship for a long time. I know what I got. It feels good to be in such a long-lasting relationship, with someone that knows you and you know them. I rather stay than leave such a relationship. Many people strive to find a long-lasting relationship. I am very lucky to have that.


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