Delivery success

Now I have planned my task. It is completed. Ready to hold a lecture on 20 minutes. Yes, I know I am successful. Well. Feels good. One task completed, at least the documentation. Now I just have to do the performance. Oh, God, I still have to write a PM and a big plan. Oh shit, feel stressed. I have to read. Read. Read. Look. Search. Oh, well, I will do it. Today I had lectures in two cities. Managed fine. Even done my task. Had time to go home and sleep 1 hour in between. Thanks for that, made me not fall a sleep at lectures.

I also know what days I work next week. On-the-job-training. Feels great. Meet a person that worked there one year today, at my new class. Interesting. I learned new things today. Meet a lot of possible future collegues at my new class. Interesting subject. Really interesting. Learned new things. Feels great. Meet my “old” classmates today 2. Felt great. Everything just feels great. I’m so busy. Imagine! I managed 2 work 2 days in January. Hehe. And study 253,5%. Haha. Even managed to pay the bills this month, even though we had so many bills… terrible. Economy is so bad. Have constantly no money… But at least I get a couple of thousend each month from the state student funds and next month… at least a few days salary. Hehe. My partner works a lot, so we have my missing income there. I will be able to work more in the autumn.


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