Yepp, we are oil dependent. We have oil in, even my sunglasses, that I have in today’s selfie. Well, anyway. Oil is in much plastic. The cars, the computer, the printer, the shoes(can be rubber from trees too), pens, medicines, lamps, clothes etcetera. We are dependent on oil, even though we could do many things without oil. We are blinded by the Babylonian hore in the desert. Oil burns in red and purple. That is oil from the middle east. We are dependent on the oil, no matter where it comes from. The oil blinds you, it is all over you, in your home, in your environment. It is “impossible” to avoid things manufactured with oil or through oil. Oil is all over. You cannot avoid it. But actually you can. Oil from fossils can be replaced with non fossil materials in production. Even oil can be manufactured in other ways than using fossils. My warning about continues use of oil is real. I have been showed the destruction of Earth, if we continue. We should go full stop. There isn’t much more than that as I can say. Stop drilling. It will be humanities biggest mistake to not stop fossil use. It will be the end of humanity. You just haven’t realised it yet. You still have a chance. Change. Don’t wait to long.

Oljespill, copyright livingforum.wordpress.com
Oljespill, oil spill, copyright livingforum.wordpress.com

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