I’m sick

Woke up real early, my lungs hurt so they felt like someone put a corset on.I’m freezing. Perhaps a fever going up or down, don’t know. I also have bad lungs and had to go on steroids. Now it feels better with the lungs, the corset seems to have loosen up. I’m a slime machine. From lungs and nose the slime just keeps on coming. I don’t think I look fresh today. My skin gets all irritated by all this snoring. So I think I look like dry lips, my eyes are feverish, blank we say in Swedish. I look run down. I don’t feel to good. I really don’t have time to be sick, but I will be sick all weekend, I have no choice. I will have to take steroids. I have already taken this days. I don’t feel to good. This seems to be one of those bad influenza’s. Steroids do a lot of shit in the body. I have no back pain when I take them. But I hope I don’t need to many days on that, because steroids are bad for a lot of things. I want to recover soon, because I am a mass consumer of trees right now.

Napkin. Näsduk. Copyright livingforum.wordpress.com
Napkin. Näsduk. Copyright livingforum.wordpress.com

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