The old phone

I think my old phone is strange. The buttons have not worked normally for weeks. Two buttons have not functioned at all. I have removed all cards, reinstall the phone, but none helped. The on and off button worked as it wanted, not all the time that is. But now when I have the new phone my partner asked why did you buy a new phone, the old one works just fine… hahaha. The phone works without cards. Haven’t tested with cards now, but without them it works just fine. Very strange. I thought it was a software issue from the beginning, that is why I reinstalled it. But since I did drop the phone when the buttons stopped working my conclusion was that I actully broke the phone. I however treated it as if I had a software issue. However that didn’t work so I bought a new phone. Well, I guess the kid has two phones now. Haha. I usually don’t buy a new phone if the other one works. Just saying. I could return the new phone within 30 days, but I’m thinking I’ll keep it. I love the color.


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