Success story in being blocked

I am pretty good at getting blocked. Imagine that. Something I can brag about. I didn’t like that my post for an artist about me asking if he could unblock me on Insta got liked. Was just 2 much. I tweeted the Cardiff brothers and asked them to unlike and that I didn’t fucking wanna be “liked”. They didn’t remove it, so I removed the comment on Twitter. I hate the like function and I wish I could turn it off on posts I don’t wanna be liked on. Well, they blocked me, as a response to that. Haha. Well, I am successful in being blocked. Perhaps you now understand why I don’t like to socialise in social media. I really don’t. I don’t know why I’m even there. I just don’t. I am becoming a media prostitute. I cannot fucking teach these subjects. I fucking just cannot. I hate social media in the way it is now in more ways than one. I just cannot even know where to start. I just cannot. I’m fucking not going to teach that fucking subject. How can I ask other’s to use the useless social media out there? How? Not IT either. The stuff that’s on offer is just shit. Nothing more than shit really. I will teach just art. I will only teach art, that is enough for me.

I think I need to detox myself from social media. I need to unlist them. I cannot have them. I just cannot. I need to get back to basics, blogging. That is enough for me.


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