Tigertårar – kärleksdryck, Tiger tears – love potion

Tigertårar/Tiger tears, copyright livingforum.wordpress.com.
Tigertårar/Tiger tears, copyright livingforum.wordpress.com.

Tears are made to waken feelings in most people. That is why babies cry, so their parents should take care of them and nurture them. There is however a slight balance there. Screaming is not the same as crying. It is not a weakness if you cry. You show that you have feelings. A person with feelings has empathy and we need more of those people on this planet. A way to many hearts is through tears, even mens tears. Women are more likely to care. But men also have soft spots for women that cry. Sensitive people can start to cry when someone else is crying. I do that sometimes, even though I try not to. I cried when my friend cried at the friends funeral. So I am saying it is not a weakness for neither men or women to cry. It is a strong love potion to show this humane side of you. So men, this is a true love potion, directly into good mother’s. A good way to also know if someone else cares about you. Just saying. Not a bad thing, that is.



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